Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (4)

Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (4)

List below contains words that are frequently confused or misused. Learn the differences in meaning and usage of the words in each pair.

Peace, PiecePeace means “no war”;Piece means “a part of” or “a bit”.Example:In Malaysia we always have peace.Who wants this piece of cake? 
Personal, PersonnelPersonal means “belonging” or “relating to an individual”;Personnel refers to workers or employees in a company or organisation.Example:Please do not talk about his personal problem.We need extra personnel for the sales department. 
Practice, PractisePractice is a noun;Practise is a verb.Example:The practice will be held every Friday.You must practise writing your own essays. 
Principal, PrinciplePrincipal means “head” or “chief”;Principle means “basic truth” or “rule of conduct”.Example:The principal of this college is from Ireland.Amin always follows the correct principle in life. 
Quiet, QuiteQuiet is an adjective meaning “free from noise”;Quite is an adverb meaning “to a certain extent” or “more or less”.Example:Please be quiet, I want to study.I haven’t seen you for quite a while. 
Sergeant, SurgeonSergeant refers to a rank in the army or police;Surgeon is a doctor who performs operations.Example:My father is a sergeant in the army.The surgeon completed the operation in two hours.

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