Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (5)

Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (5)

List below contains words that are frequently confused or misused. Learn the differences in meaning and usage of the words in each pair.

Sometime, SometimesSometime refers to a time in the future or past that is not specified;Sometimes means “occasionally” or “from time to time”.Example:Can I see you sometime?Sometimes he is very helpful. 
Storey, StoryStorey refers to “floor of a building”;Story is “a narrative”.Example:That is a five-storey building.Call you tell us a story, please? 
Stationary, StationeryStationary means “not moving”;Stationery means “writing materials”.Example:Joseph crashed into a stationary lorry.We can buy stationery from that bookstore. 
Their, They’reTheir is the possessive form of they;They’re is the contraction of “They are”.Example:Their house is over there.They’re having lunch in my house today. 
Whose, Who’sWhose is possessive form of who;Who’s is the contraction of “Who is”.Example:Whose key is on my table?Who’s not coming to school tomorrow? 
Whether, WeatherWhether means “if”;Weather means “climatic conditions”.Example:Do you know whether the library is open now?I hope the weather will be fine in the evening.

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